The AS-2+ is the new breed of Nankang performance tyres, offering maximum grip in both dry and wet weather conditions with optimal rolling efficiency using 3D simulation software.

The AS-2+ is designed with wider section grooves between the tread blocks to allow the best possible drainage and water dispersion rate, whilst chamfered lateral grooves on the tread shoulder helps keep the road noise down.


  • The void ratio of the inside and outside are respectively 38% and 34%, which improve drainage efficiency and wet handling.
  • With broadened circumferential groove width, the section area of inside/outside grooves are increased 21.3% and 43.8% respectively compared to the conventional design. The grooves allow more water containing for better drainage performance.
  • Brand new profile design and reinforced sidewall design upgrade tyre stiffness.
  • Serrated wall of circumferential grooves discharges water effectively and reduces the noise caused by the friction between airflow and groove wall.
  • The chamfering angles of lateral grooves reduce rolling sound and improve block stiffness.