Whether it’s cruising over a highway, doing the after-school pick up, or stepping off road; the Nankang AT5 All Terrain pattern is a great all-rounder. Ideal for Kiwi drivers that do a lot of Kms. Whether it’s a company ute or family SUV, the AT5 offers a great cost per kilometre return on investment. With a tough aesthetic, and performance both on and off road, the AT5 offers the best of both worlds.

  • Zigzag grooves provide traction whether it’s on or off road. They also enhance the tyres stability on rugged and rough roads.
  • Interlocking central block design increases handling and directional stability
  • The stepped wall design on the central sub grooves expels gravel while the tyre is rolling. It also prevents lodged stones from cutting the blocks.
  • Connection bars between blocks are designed to reinforce block stiffness and prevent irregular tyre wear.
  • Silica in the compound enhances stability on snowy roads.