4x4 Tyres

4x4 Tyres

We all know you don't spend all your time off road, so you need to ensure that your 4 x 4 tyres give good performance on road, but when you need to leave the tarseal that they cope with what you need them for.

Some people go off road when they go to work on a building site, others consider off road to be backing their boat down the boat ramp, others head off into the countryside. What ever your off road needs at Capital Tyres we have the right tyre for your vehicle.

The range of 4 x 4 tyres is vast and we don't list them all on this website (although we can get them all). Listed below are three typical 4 x 4 tyres we offer.

If you would like to know more or need a tyre to suit your kind of off roading, please call into the the tyre shop and we will be happy to give you free advice


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