Does your steering wheel shake at 50 or 70k or 100kph?

If so your wheels need balancing.

Wheel balancing allows the wheels to spin in an even way. This means that they work more effectively as they are not wobbling as they turn. Wheel balancing is an essential part of your maintenance schedule.

Having your wheels balanced will improve the handling of your vehicle, prevent speed judder and save you fuel - why would you not have it done?

Wheel Balancing is done on a Hofmann Geodyna 6300, capable of balancing steel and alloy wheels up to 28". We also have stud balancing options available for 3 stud cars as well.

Helping You Get More

When you buy 2 or more new tyres, we’ll contact you every 6 months and invite you in for FREE tyre rotation, wheel balancing, pressure check and battery check! You will also receive a 20% discount on a wheel alignment. This ensures you to get the best out of your tyres and keeps you and your family safe on the roads.

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Wheel Balancing machine