Hamilton Wheel Alignments



Capital Tyres provide a “FULL EXTENSIVE “ Wheel Alignment with the LATEST Computerized Hunter Wheel Aligner and have EXCELLENT technicians to make sure you get the BEST and SAFEST Wheel Alignment in town.

How do I know if I need a Wheel Alignment?

(a) If your tyres are wearing uneven on the sides
(b) If your vehicle pulls either to the left or right
(c) The vehicle doesn’t respond well when cornering
(d) The steering wheel is on an angle

Ask about “COMPUTER CODE LINK” Wheel Alignment, which is ESENTIAL for today’s LATE MODEL VEHICLES.
COMPUTER CODE LINK, links your vehicles on board steering computers to the Wheel Alignment machine and after the Wheel Alignment has been altered we reset the necessary on board computers to where the Alignment has been adjusted to

Buy two or more new tyres and receive a 20% discount on your Wheel Alignment

How do I know if I need a Wheel Balance?

When driving at speeds between 70 kmh ------- 100 kmh and your steering wheel shakes it indicates that your front tyres are out of balance .
If, at the same speed you or your passengers feel a shake/vibration it indicates that your back wheels are out of balance. In both cases Capital Tyres will rectify the problem.
If the vehicle shakes or “wobbles at a low speed20kph-------30kph you may have a serious tyre problem. Again call into Capital Tyres and we will rectify the problem

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